Triple "O" Six restaurant serves memories with every dish plated up. We rewrite the food story of your favorite cuisine by an ideal blend of pleasing aroma, eye-catchy plating, impressive portion size & heavenly taste with every bite till the end. The vibe of our restaurant suites all your moods, occasions & guests while the succulent spread of dishes served fresh & hot, meets all your food desires. We respect authentic Southern Sri Lankan food culture, freshness of ingredients, herbs & spices supplied from locals & home gardens of our staff, with every meal we serve.
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Coffee Lounge
Sipping a hot cup of coffee with a view of clear blue ocean waves & gold hued sky, while a gentle sea breeze finds you in the rooftop coffee lounge, is truly magical. A cozy, romantic meetup, to finish up work in a peaceful surrounding, for an uninterrupted meeting with colleagues, a friends reunion with an instagramable backdrop or simply an escape from busy weekly schedules, there is no place better suited for you in Mirissa than Triple "O" Six coffee lounge.
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Sit back & loosen up with your favorite Triple "O" Six signature cocktail in hand. Your stress free days in the Southern coast start with a sip of well-made drink served at your choice to make the imbibing experience at Triple "O" Six, momentous. Let it be a brief drink with a business discussion or if you have some time to spare day with your friends & family, our bartenders will serve booze on your liking for every mood & occasion.
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